Intro on Q-omics data mining

  - Consensus scores in associated data?

  - Ad-hoc analysis: AI-assisted "text-to-data mining"

  - Functional analysis: gene ontology & GSEA scores

  - Advanced feature: tumor-specific surface genes and drug response

  - Advanced feature: synthetic lethal gene pairs

Metrics on graphs

  - Terms (responder vs. non-responder) describing patient drug treatment

  - Fold-change & p-value

  - X/Y-scores & cross-association between data pair

  - AUCs in Kaplan-Meier plot (survival analysis)

  - CRISPR/shRNA efficacy, drug response (-logGI50)

Video demos

  Ex)   Associated target-biomarker pairs in Breast cancers

  Ex)   Prognostic tumor-infiltrating cells in Pancreas cancers

  Ex)   Predictive DDR gene expression to Cisplatin treatment

Intro for Q-omics v1.3, 2023 released

Intro for Q-omics v0.9, 2021 released

( More demo videos will be available ...)