New features in the latest version

* Release history

  Q-omics 2 official June 2024 (current),   v2.0 beta April 2024, nbsp; v1.7 Mar2024,   v1.51 Nov 2023,  
    v1.5 June 2023, v1.33 Mar 2023, v1.31 Mar 2023, v1.30 Jan 2023, v1.20 Oct2022, v1.10 Sep2022,
    v1.02 May2022, v1.00 Feb2022, v0.95 Aug2021, v0.90 May2021, v0.80 Mar2021, v0.50 Dec2020, v0.20 Oct2020

Q-omics 2 official

* AI-powered "Ad-hoc analysis" is updated for more flexible data mining

* Proteomics module is updated for finding "Tumor-specific neoantigens"

* "Biological function" oriented data mining is implemented

* Premium edition (annual license: ~$430) is available including advanced featrues

Q-omics v2 beta

* AI-assisted "Ad-hoc analysis" is available for "text-to-data mining" workflow!

* New modules for finding "Tumor-specific antigens" and "Synthetic lethal gene pairs"
    are available

* "Smart summary" has been updated with proteomics and tumor-infiltrating cell data data

* QCanvas for data clustering and heatmaps, is implemented for user data analysis

Q-omics v1.7

* Proteomics (mass-spectroscopy, CPTAC) data have been added to patient samples.

* Proteomics data are available in "Smart summary", "Browse associated data" and "Query oriented analysis"

* "Smart summary" has been updated with lineage adn sampling consensus data .

Q-omics v1.51

* Protein abundance data (mass-spectroscopy data) have been added to cell lines.

* (Mass-spec protein data will be also available in pateint samples in the next version)

* "Smart summary" has been improved in detailed consensus data .

* Smart search is available for "Drug treatment in patient samples" with
  other omics data

Q-omics v1.50

* "Smart summary" has been improved.

* Drug treatment and response data in patient samples (TCGA data) is implement
  in "Query-oriented analysis". Association analysis of patient drug response with
  other omics data is available